Chamber Music

From Stone (mp3)  
The title “From Stone” refers in part, to the elemental materials of music making and composition; from the most basic materials we create refined musical instruments. Perhaps the first instruments were stones (to be spoken with a Spinal Tap quasi-mystical inflection). The other basis for the title is the difficulty I encountered in writing the piece — it was quite like drawing blood from stone. more...
In Pastures Green (mp3)  
Untying the Knot (mp3)  
Unanticipated Impressions Mov. 1 (mp3) Mov. 2 (mp3)
Writing "Unanticipated Impressions" began with my decision to structure the composition on the basis of a single experience. As it happened, I was inspired enough to write about two, seemingly unrelated experiences. more...

Electronic Music:

Transcribed Space ­ Aria for Water Faucet (mp3)  
Paul Scriver: field recordings, mix, and water faucet improvisation.
The “transcribed space” of the title refers to the fact that all of the field recordings used in this piece were gathered within the halls and practice rooms and on the front lawn of the Mills Music building. The “aria” musically documents the charming decay of the plumbing in the men’s bathroom.

I recorded this piece in the spring of 2006 using a home-made Jecklin Disc and a pair of custom designed omni condenser mics made by Scott Morrison.

Golden Gate Redux (mp3)  
"Golden Gate Redux" is composed mostly of field recordings made on the night of the Chinese New Year's parade in San Francisco in 2006. Most of the sounds for the piece were gathered in San Francisco's China Town. On the same night, one kilometer away, I recorded the Wave Organ on the shore of San Francisco Bay ­ the edge of California's "Golden Gate."

Wilpena Crow - excerpt (mp3)  
The material for "Wilpena Crow" was recorded in Australia in the Flinders mountain range a few hundred kilometers from Adelaide. Wilpena Pound is a dish-shaped plateau that rises above the surrounding topology. In the late 1800s the area was used as a natural sheep pen or pound-thus the name. Today it is set aside for the native flora and fauna. On the day that we visited, the crows were having a particularily erudite conversation and I was lucky enough to capture it on mini disc.

Incidental(Lac Marie Claire) - excerpt (mp3)  
F.L.E.M.A (mp3) View Article
This piece came out of a collaboration with sculptor Rainey Straus. Rainey asked me to design an sound installation that would compliment her latex sculptures. Her work invites participants to get tactile with it, many of her sculptures are designed to fit in the palm of the hand. We landed on the idea of using the sounds of sexual release as the source for the audio. The installation was a multi-channel, multi-speaker affair, this is a merely a stereo representation.

You can read the review of Rainey's show as it appeared in Sculpture Magazine by clicking on the "view article" icon.
That Certain Je ne Sais Quoi - excerpt (mp3)  
Windows Above Sec. III (mp3) Sec. IV (mp3)
Pulse (mp3)  

Improvisation and Miscellany:

Stumbling, Floating Pushpins: (mp3)  
Pushpins are: Charity Chan: piano, Suzanne Thorpe: flute, and Paul Scriver: reeds.
Moody and mercurial, organic and ethereal, this improvisation typifies the dynamic play of the improvising trio Pushpins. This spontaneous composition was chosen from a series of improvisations recorded at the Mills College CCM recording studios in the spring of 2007. The music created by the collective forces of Pushpins arises from a shared desire to re-assert physicality into music making. Fluidity in assuming multiple roles, and the ability to quickly change directions and intent give the music of this trio its characteristic energy.
Conversation Under the Overpass (mp3)  
Paul Scriver: Soprano, Tenor and Alto Saxophones, Bass Clarinet.
"Conversation Under the Overpass" was composed as a one minute composition. My intention was to keep it loose and improvise using each one of the reed instruments that I posessed at least once in the piece.

Pantromanic Resonance (mp3)  

Piano Music:

Sea Change (mp3)  
Nathalie (mp3)  

Film Music

From: A Year of Celibacy:
Quiet Night (mp3)  
Cheesy Painting Music (mp3)  
Contact Improvisation (mp3)  
Forest Scene (mp3)  
From: Tracks
Bad Boy (mp3)  
Fight Scene (mp3)  
Seduction (mp3)  
Creek Rat (mp3)  
Drugs (mp3)  
From: What Do You Believe -
David (mp3)  
Mazouza (mp3)  
Carina (mp3)  
Morgan (mp3)  
Titles (mp3)  
Church Windows (mp3)  
Cherry Blossoms (mp3)