I write music because of all the arts, music has the most visceral effect on me. The act of listening absorbs me more than touching, seeing, tasting or smelling. By writing and improvising music, I am utilizing the most direct conduit between the inner world of my impressions and imaginings and the outer world of artistic expression. While composing, I attempt to create a sonic landscape that will act as a window on my inner soundscape.

I feel that music is a magical language of a sort that employs the physical senses to engage the mind and keep it tuned to the intricate sonic subtleties of the natural and the built environment.

The music I write is a distillation, or a response to the world of sound around me, and a tangible expression of an inner sound world that I experience through imagination and physical sensation.

These inner vibrations combined with the hum of city traffic and the incongruous interjections of insects find their expression as musical gestures and textures in my work. My compositional process involves retrieving the shadows of sounds and suggestions of melodic contour or rhythm from my memory and combining them with interpretations of the serendipitous music of the everyday that is all around me.

As a composer I am interested in combining elements of narrative and dramatic form that I would consider to be part of the Western Art Music tradition with non-narrative and spontaneous expression that belong more to the realm

of improvised music or spiritual experience. My current fascination is with the vibrational characteristics of different chords and their physical effect on the human body. I am interested in creating music-that through physical means-momentarily suspends the listener outside the frame of linear time and in the realm of the un-manifested. I feel that it is possible to create a musical language that describes the intangible in a manner that is familiar to the body but perhaps more opaque to the intellect. I intend to create music that bridges the divide between the mundane and the mystical.